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For our super cool 4-Paws Canine Academy International dog tricks titles, you are supposed to show you and your dog’s skills in 10 different categories: slaloms, circles, props, jumps, backwards exercises, static tricks, paw tricks, nose tricks, teamwork, and happy tricks.

The different tricks titles ask you to perform a different amount of tricks from each category.

The happy trick is your chance to really shine with your dog! These tricks are chosen by you – so you can choose absolutely anything! However, the happy tricks are expected to be of similar difficulty to the title you are trying to take. So using something as simple as sit or down for the expert title is not encouraged.

Aversives are not allowed and will lead to disqualification without refund.

Treats or toys are only allowed before and after each trick or chain of tricks. If a trick is required to be shown several times in a row, rewards are only allowed at the end of the last repetition. Verbal praise is, however, allowed throughout the entire dog tricks title!

Upon successful trick title attempt, you and your dog will receive a nice digital diploma for you to print out and share on social media, and you will receive a super cool rosette in the post! We won’t even charge you for the shipping! It’s FREE!

All tricks should be filmed, and all videoclips should be put together into a single videofile. This videofile should then be uploaded to a platform such as YouTube, OneDrive, or DropBox and a link to the video should be submitted along with your assessment fee. 

Send us the link to your dog tricks title video right here!

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Novice trick dog title

The Novice dog tricks title is the first title that you should attempt with your dog. You have to start with this title before proceeding to the next title.

For the novice tricks title you are expected to choose 1 trick from each category on the Novice Dog Tricks Title list.

You can download it right here!

Novice Trick Title List

Intermediate trick dog title

This intermediate dog tricks title is the second title that you can achieve with your dog! For this title, you are still only expected to choose 1 trick from each category, however, the list is now updated with some different tricks. Your Happy trick cannot be a trick that you have already shown before.

As this is no longer a novice title, we expect the performance to look smoother and more confident than we might have tolerated in the previous title.

We want to see you shine and having fun together!

Intermediate Trick Title List

intermediate dog tricks title

Advanced trick dog title

When having passed both your novice and your intermediate dog tricks titles, you are now ready to attempt your Advanced Trick Dog Title!

For this title, you should now be able to perform 2 tricks from each category. Again, the list has been updated with new tricks or variations of the previous ones.

As with the previous title, we expect a higher level of confidence, independence and overall performance from the dog.

Advanced Trick Title List

advanced dog trick title

Expert trick dog title

This is the final non-specialist dog tricks title that you can achieve with 4-Paws Canine Academy.

We now want to see you and your dog perform two tricks from each category AND perform two chains of tricks. Each chain should consist of at least 4 tricks from the list, and they cannot be the same for both chains. 

The chains should look smooth and well coordinated. The tricks shown in the chains should not be shown separately too – only as part of the chain.

Once you’ve achieved this cool title, you can embark on your next dog tricks title journey and train towards a specialist title!

Expert Trick Title List

expert dog tricks title

SPECIALIST dog tricks titles

Our SPECIALIST dog tricks titles are for those teams who’ve done all of our standard dog tricks titles but still want to be challenged in their training. 

There will be 10 different specialist titles – one for each category (excluding the Happy Trick category) and a specialist CHAIN trick title.

For all of the category specialist titles, you should perform all of the different tricks mentioned in that category throughout all of the titles. Where a trick has only increased in number of repetitions, you should only show the one with the highest number of repetitions.

For the CHAIN specialist title, we want to see a dog dancing routine of 2 minutes with a piece of music to. You should include at least 5 tricks from any of the titles, but you are welcome to choose more or add your own as well.

More info on these will follow, but you are welcome to ask us any questions you might have on these before that happens.

Need to learn more tricks?

If you're in need of more inspiration or want some help to learn some specific tricks, then our online tricks course is definitely something for you! It has more than 25 tricks for you to learn, and our tricks course has video tutorials to help you through every stage of your tricks journey.

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