How to train dog parkour in the city

Are you living in the city and wondering how to train dog parkour in the city? Then you have come to the right place! 

In this post we will cover some of the different dog parkour exercises that you can train in the city  – and many other places as well!

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Why you should train dog parkour in the city

Training dog parkour is already one of the best things that you can do for your dog and your mutual relationship. Moreover, by training dog parkour in the city, you can teach your dog to become very flexible in terms of dealing with distractions.

There is always something going on the city. Always someone walking by, always cars making noises, and always voices talking in the distance. Many dogs have never learned how to deal with distractions when training, so they can very easily become distracted by minor things. 

By training in a distracting environment regularly, you will teach your dog to be able to ignore these distractions no matter what you are doing.

You will also get a dog that LOVES to go on a walk WITH you rather than pulling you along the entire walk. Through dog parkour, the dog discovers that the fun happens with you.

Training dog parkour is also a huge confidence booster in dogs which can be very useful in noisy cities. Most dogs who live in the cities live in small houses or apartments where it is still possible to hear everything that is going on at the street.

It is therefore quite easy for dogs to get fed up with noises – and some even become noise sensitive. Often, what can help those dogs is to get a better self-esteem by putting them in situations where they will feel that they are in control of their body.
-Dog parkour will help with this!

dog parkour on playground

Where in the city can I train dog parkour?

You can train dog parkour almost anywhere in the city. Parkour in the human world was developed for use in the city, so it is only natural that dog parkour is also excellent in the city!

Here are a few things you can look out for!

  • Small half walls (usually fencing in people’s gardens or front porches)
  • Wheelie bins or trashcans
  • Trees
  • Bicycle stands
  • Poles
  • Slopes for wheelchair access
  • Children’s playgrounds
  • BMX tracks

… and the list goes on!

Great dog parkour exercises in the city

dog parkour in the city

One of the absolute best dog parkour exercises you can teach your dog to use in the city is ”two paws on” which is also referred to as ”I’m the King game” in the dog parkour book.

Simply put, the exercise is all about teaching your dog to put its two front feet on any object that you might point to. This object can be low, tall, or even vertical as a wall or a bin. For experienced dogs, the object can even be moving so you teach your dog to be in control of moving objects.

Being in control of moving objects requires a lot of balance and thereby a lot of body awareness. If you dog has a low sense of body awareness, training dog parkour regularly will also help with this!

dog parkour titles 4-paws canine academy

You can also teach your dog to have all four paws on top of objects. This is called ”On top of the World game” in our dog parkour book. 

This trick is particularly useful in areas with benches or low walls the dog can balance on.

A final absolutely awesome dog parkour trick in the city is ”The through game” where you get your dog to run through hoop-shaped objects found on your way.

Bicycle stands are often great for this, and you can alternate between using just one hoop or several hoops.

Some benches will also have hoop-shaped structures underneath them, that you might be able to use. 

Many dogs absolutely love this exercise, as it is not very difficult and can be taught within a matter of minutes!

It is also an exercise where they are allowed to put in some energy rather than having to stand still.

dog parkour through bike stands

Safety concerns you should keep in mind

We would all like to be safe when being in the city, no matter whether we are walking, cycling, or driving a car. It is no different when we are training dogs. Here are some of the most important points that you should keep in your mind when training dog parkour in the city:

  • Be respectful towards other people 
    • > Some people are afraid of dogs, and they should not feel more uncomfortable passing you when you are training. Therefore, if someone approaches it is only polite to make sure that your dog is on a lead and not able to go to the strange person.
    • > You might be confident that your dog will not chase bicycles, but people on the bike will not know this, so make sure that they can see that you are holding the lead in your hand so they feel comfortable passing.
  • Be careful not to scare your dog
    • > If your dog is scared of loud noises or cars coming close by, make sure that your dog is not balancing on something where it might misstep if startled.
  • Always keep your dog safe
    • > To ensure the most safety of your dog, be sure to keep it on a well fitted and good harness when training dog parkour, so you do not risk the dog falling and hurting its neck if the lead is attached to the collar.
    • > Be ready to catch your dog in its harness if it is balancing on something. It can be scary for a dog to lose its balance and fall down, so make sure that you keep the leash tight enough that you will be able to catch the dog and gently lower it down on the ground.

I'd like to know more about dog parkour!

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