New Dog Parkour Classes!

Only through proper stimulation of both physical and mental aspects can we be sure that our dog is truly happy.

– Anna Louise Kjaer

How do we go about ensuring that we stimulate our dogs properly both physically and mentally? Most people find it easy to stimulate their dog physically – they either go for a run or sign up for agility or flyball classes. However, dogs have an amazing body, so they very quickly get used to the level of exercise they are getting, and they will then need more and more physical exercise to get the same benefit out of it.

Mental stimulation comes by challenging our dog! Making it use its brain to solve exercises, puzzles, or by learning new tricks will help stimulate our dogs mentally and make them tired in a way that physical exercise rarely can.

The sport that does it all

Unlike agility or flyball which mainly focus on the physical stimulation of the dog, and tricks classes which mainly focus on the mental stimulation of the dog, Dog Parkour has it all!

Do not get me wrong, agility and flyball are both amazing sports and I have been competing a lot in agility myself with my old dog (and also going to with my new dog), but they do not take care of the mental stimulation of the dog which is SO SO important. Dog Parkour, on the other hand, combines both physical and mental exercise.

Through fun games, the dog learns new and amazing tricks which challenges it mentally. All these new tricks and games can be played and combined into sequences which can be used in your nearby environment.

Instead of only seeing ”slalom” as something that happens between 12 very distinct poles on an agility track, the dog learns that slalom can be between anything such as trees with any varying distance between them. Being able to constantly adapt the perception of what a slalom is, and having to check the environment for obstacles it can use, the dog will continue to be challenged mentally.

You can always read much more about dog parkour under the dog parkour tab or by clicking here!

dog parkour

Dog Parkour classes

4-Paws Canine Academy in Aberdeen has finally opened up for the sign-up for dog parkour classes! A lot of interest was received by the whole local dog community, and classes therefore start on a once a month basis in February!

The dog parkour classes will run every last Sunday of the month for a total of 6 sessions! There is, however, also an option to only sign up for 3 sessions if you are not sure whether this sport is for you and your dog yet. Then at the end of those 3 sessions you are welcome to sign up for the last remaining 3 sessions as well!

There are two different time-slots that you can sign up for:
10am – 11am
11:15am – 12:15 pm

Dog Parkour can be adjusted to suit any dog of any age, previous knowledge and of most mobility limitations – so this sport is truly for any and every dog!

Payment options

There are two payment options for the dog parkour classes!

  1. Sign-up for all 6 sessions! This includes 2 special sessions where we will go to Tyrebagger forest and somewhere in the city to use our new tricks and games in a new environment. You get all this for only £65 and you thereby save £10!
  2. Sign-up for the first 3 sessions to try it out for £40. At the end of those 3 sessions you can then choose to sign up for the remaining 3 sessions for £35.

All you need to do to sign up for a class is to either send me an email via the contact form, our Facebook page or to anna(at) and I will then send you an invoice with more details on the different ways to pay. You can choose to pay via PayPal if you like the additional security.

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