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Private Sessions

Private sessions are for those who prefer a very intimate training session with 100% focus on them. It is also perfect for those whose schedules might not fit with the ordinary classes, as you can plan to have your private session whenever suits you best! These sessions are also ideal if you have a specific struggle that you would like some help with. We will help you turn that struggle into talent!

Why choose to have private sessions:

  • There will be complete focus on you and your dog
  • You will learn much more, as I will have more time to help you at every single step and answer any and all questions you might have
  • The whole training session will be tailored to you and your dog specifically
  • It’s perfect as supplement to ordinary classes, as you will get more constructive feedback
  • It can be arranged to fit whenever it suits your schedule the best
  • You don’t have to worry about other dogs in the class being distracting
  • You will get a personalised training plan
  • The sessions can be about anything you like; recall, tricks, dogdancing routines, dogparkour, or a mixture!


The sessions do not have to be every week – they can be whenever you would like them to be and with as much time between them as you want*, but they have to be purchased at the same time if you’re interested in our most popular price package. If you only purchase one private session, I will of course provide you with all the advice and/or instructions that you need, and you will get a list of the things we covered during the session.

Our 3+ Private Session package is our most popular package deal. This deal will give you much more value for your money as you will be given life-time access to our student Facebook group where you will be able to get help from other previous or current students of 4-Paws Canine Academy, or you can use the group simply to showcase your dog’s cuteness or talents. You will also get access through that group to FREE helpful training videos and discount codes for You will also be invited to member exclusive events and workshops.

*The sessions should be used within a year of purchasing.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss whether private sessions would be something for you!

Single Private Session

An initial single session for you who would like to try one before committing to more.
£ 40
For one session
  • Personalised training plan

3+ Private Sessions

Save 33.33% on all your private sessions when buying at least 3!
£ 30
Pr Session
  • Personalised training plan
  • Access to student exclusive Facebook group
  • Access to free BONUS material
  • Invitation to attend member exclusive events

Additional Follow-up Sessions

If you're in need of more help but not able to commit to 3+ extra sessions.
£ 35
Pr additional session
  • Personalised training plan

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