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Who am I?

I am an ambitious young woman from Denmark who has spent her entire life surrounded by dogs. I was born into a family with dogs and much of my upbringing was focused on me learning how to read a dog’s body-language and respecting their space and needs. My mother has been training dogs since before I was born and is a well-recognised dog training instructor and behaviourist in Denmark. When I was younger, my father was a search- and rescue-dog handler and trained with one of the family’s dogs.

Before getting my own dog at only 10 years old, I took all responsibility for the feeding, walking, training and cleaning up after the family’s oldest dog for 3 years. We went to competitions together and we had amazing teamwork!
When I got my own dog, Aske, we immediately started training in our dog training club at least once a week. We were in both general obedience and agility classes.
I soon realised that our true passion was training tricks on the sideline, while waiting for our turn in the different classes. Soon we were able to do all kinds of tricks together – to great admiration of our dog training club.

When I was only 13 I was offered by our dog training club to become a certified dog training instructor. They paid for my education and certification which I finished a year later. I took a speciality in agility, which I soon taught my own classes of in our dog training club. I later started classes in tricks training as well.

I am currently studying for my bachelor degree of science in Animal Behaviour at University of Aberdeen.

My qualifications and courses


2012 – Became fully certified dog training instructor in Denmark’s Civil Dog-Handler’s Organisation (DCH) with speciality in agility:

  • Introduction to communication
  • Pedagogy, communication, and planning
  • Behaviour: the dog’s development and behaviour
  • Behaviour: the dog’s language and communication
  • Breed-specific skills
  • Learning principles and methods
  • Socialisation of the puppy, raising and training
  • Fundamental practical group classes
  • AGILITY: Introduction to obstacles and safety
  • AGILITY: Course planning and set-up for training and competitions
  • AGILITY: Handling – foundations and training plans
  • AGILITY: Handling – practical teaching

2013 – Advanced handling (agility) for class 2 and 3 by Anders Barny Lindholdt

2014 – Fun training and stimulation of the family dog by Anja Christiansen

2014 – Dogdancing/HTM/Freestyle – Skill test 1, 2, 3 and Title by Johanna Allanach

2015 – Dogdancing Summer Camp: music, drama and new tricks by Anja Christiansen, Johanna Allanach, Karolina Hasselroth

2016 – Dogdancing Summer Camp: routines, distraction training, new tricks by Anja Christiansen, Johanna Allanach, Karolina Hasselroth, Sonja Ordell Johannesen

2017 – Problem behaviour in classes, inappropriate barking and expectation stress in dogs by Christina Ingerslev

2017 – Ethology and the neuroscientific approach to learning & motivation by Simon Gadbois

2017 – Happy at competitions, grounding and energy by Christina Ingerslev

2017 – Core-training of dogs, gymnastic warm-up, cool-down and fitness by C. Frigart

2017 – Dogdancing Summer Camp; drama, engagement, mental warm-up, new tricks by Anja Christiansen, Johanna Allanach, Karolina Hasselroth, Lucy Creek

2017 – Started Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Animal Behaviour at University of Aberdeen

2018 – Proper warm-up, cool-down and massage by Dorte Olesen

2018 – Tricks, fun obedience and teamwork by Sonja Ordell Johannesen

2018 – Advanced Level 3 Pet First Aid at Fitzcharles Training UK

2018 – Freestyle Dog Dancing by Lusy Imbergerova

2018 – Pro Dog Trainer by absoluteDogs Ltd:

  • Developing awesome learners
  • Learning & Relationship
  • Lesson planning
  • Emotions, Arousal, and Behaviour
  • Groups and consultations
  • Real-world ready
  • Real-world skills
  • Training ALL lifestages

2019 – Passed the requirements for UK Heelwork To Music Judge by The Kennel Club

2019 – Pro Dog Trainer GEEK by absoluteDogs Ltd:

  • The Brain, Stress, and Concepts
  • Behaviour plans
  • Research and Transformation
  • Disease and behaviour
  • Separation related behaviours
  • Resource guarding
  • Multi-dog households
  • Noise response and sensitivity
  • Chase
  • Abnormal repetitive behaviour

2020 – Nordic Animal Behaviour Conference:

  • Communication with dog owners by Chirag Patel,
  • The Learning Planet by Susan Friedman,
  • What’s emotion got to do with it? by Susan Friedman,
  • Conservation Training – Training to save wildlife by Ken Ramirez,
  • Secrets of husbandry training – Tools, concepts, and strategies for the best animal care by Ken Ramirez,
  • Cue tips by Kathy Sdao,
  • In other words by Kathy Sdao,
  • Engaging aging dogs by Lori Stevens,
  • Fitness training increases confidence by Lori Stevens,
  • Developing a healthy body (puppy) by Sam Turner,
  • Developing a healthy body (adolescent) by Sam Turner,
  • From clicker-training to Antecedent Behaviour Consequence thinker 24/7 by Eva Bertilsson,
  • Antecedent, Behaviour, Consequence Examples by Eva Bertilsson.

2020 – The Good Life – a long life? by Christian Hembo from

2020 – Reactive Rascals Instructor course by The Dog Training College

2020 – Emergency Canine First Aid by Rhodes 2 Safety

2020 – International Dog Trainers Winter Summit hosted by Empowered Dog

  • Watching & Wondering – The Science and soul of dog training by Dr. Ian Dunbar
  • Solving Separation Anxiety following Four Principles by Moira Hechenleitner
  • Bitey Side of Business (dog aggression) by Michael Shikashio
  • People centered approach for training and behaviour (reactive dogs) by Clair Hickson
  • Frustration and Stress Resilience by Kamal Fernandez
  • Thousand hour eyes – Learning how to read scenting dogs in half the time by Steve White
  • The benefits of scent detection for pet owners, pet dogs, and pet dog trainers by Jamie Pound
  • Bonding and enriching the life of a fearful dog through tricks by Sarah Rodriguez
  • Mindset matters: Reframing reactivity for dog trainers and guardians by Janet Finlay
  • Rethinking puppy classes by Adam Delderfield
  • Grisha Stewart
  • Popping the bubble by Sarah Whitehead


2020 – Started studying Dog Behaviour Analysis and Application at IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) (still on-going)

2021 – Doggie Language Panel with Kathy Sdao, Chirag Patel, and Grisha Stewart

2021 – Behaviour changes associated with pain by Chirag Patel

2021 – Remain in your bubble in heelwork with Lea Nor

2021 – Hoopers intro with Mona Lindhardt

2021 – Proprioception Instructor Course Level 1 by Sam Turner (First level completed with 100% score)

2021 – Jumping technique by Alenka Škrabec at JumpForJoy

2021 – Control Unleashed by Laura E. Donaldson

2021 – Graduated from my Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Animal Behaviour from University of Aberdeen

2022 – Over The Top 12 month programme by Kamal Fernandez

2022 – Click- and platform training with Karen Ulrich 

2022 – Dog Is Love by Clive Wynne

2022 – Agility Course Running with Iwona Golab

2022 – Tackling arousal and problem behaviours by Kamal Fernandez

2022 – Advanced handling and choice of handling on the course AGILITY with Morten Hansen

2022 – Started service dog instructor education at The Organisation for Social- og Servicedogs, Danmark (OSS)

2023 – Proprioception and body awareness by Sam Turner 

2023 – Proprioception Instructor Exam Level 2 by Sam Turner

2023 – Problem behaviours by Craig Ogilvie

2023 – Interactive play by Craig Ogilvie

2023 – Wellness massage for home-use for cats and dogs by Susan Aino, PawsFit2Go

2023 – Agility course with Sandra Møller Christiansen

2023 – Advanced Handling AGILITY by Euan Patterson

2023 – Dog dancing summer camp; drama, new tricks, links and chains, motivation, distraction training by Anja Christiansen, Johanna Allanach, Heather Smith, Bianca Verweijmeren

2023 – Nosework instructor at Danmark’s Civile Hundeførerforening (DCH)

2023 – Problem behaviour solving by Kamal Fernandez

2024 – Master course, Aggression in Dogs by Michael Shikashio 

  • The flow of an aggression case
  • The consequences for dog bites
  • Safety first! Management principles and equipment in aggression cases
  • BEFORE meeting the client
  • Dog body language specific to aggression cases
  • Defensive handling and leash skills
  • How to break up a dog fight
  • History taking and what really matters
  • Initial greetings and observations
  • Prognosis – The key to realistic expectations
  • Client consulting – navigating difficult conversations, improving client commitment, and fostering success
  • Applied ethology and aggression
  • Medical issues and behaviour medication in aggression cases
  • Behaviour modification principles in aggression cases
  • Dog to human aggression – behaviour cases
  • Dog to dog aggression – principles
  • Intra-household dog to dog aggression – behaviour cases
  • Resource guarding – principles
  • Resource guarding – behaviour cases
  • Compassion fatigue
  • Putting it all together

2024 – The role of emotion in Aggressive behaviour by Dr. Nicole Lobry de Bruyn

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