Terms and Conditions

Please read through my terms and conditions. I expect that you will have read them before making any purchase, and by completing your purchase have accepted the terms put out below. If you have any questions regarding my terms and conditions you are always welcome to send me a message and I will help clarify. 


Section 1 – Payment

§1: By completing payment (meaning that I have received the money or that your transaction is being processed by your money institute), I infer that you have read and accepted to the term and conditions listed here.

§2: Payments are not refundable except for exceptional circumstances which could include, but are not limited to the below:

  • I have to cancel parts (at least half of the sessions in a block of classes) or the whole of blocks of classes or events,
  • The class or private session has been interrupted to such an extent (at least 75%) that I no longer see it fair to continue or count the session as completed,

§3: Payment can only be accepted through PayPal or direct bank transfers. Cash on the day will not guarantee you a spot at classes or events. Checks are not accepted and will not guarantee you a spot at classes or events.

§4: Only through completing payment can I hold your space at an event or for a class.

Section 2 – The Training, age requirements & bitches in heat

§1: I expect that the dog ha,s been walked (had a chance to pee) before attending class as the dog might otherwise struggle to focus during training. ‘Walking’ only refers to letting the dog go to the toilet rather than having been playing with other dogs right before the training session. If the dog has been playing it might also struggle to focus throughout the session as it is in need of energy.

§2: I expect you to show up at least 5 minutes before class starts to settle in and get your training-props ready before training. This way you ensure that you are ready when the class starts and don’t hold the class back because we have to wait for you to be ready.

§3: Class will ALWAYS start on time, so be sure to leave home early enough to ensure you can make it to the beginning. Please do try to be there from the beginning as it can otherwise be very distracting for the other dogs in the class if another dog first arrives later. If you are going to be late, please let me know in advance. 

§4: Please always respect the others in the class, so if you know that your dog might easily be distracted and run away from you, please do keep your dog on a leash until you are sure that you have its absolute focus. 

§5: I cannot be held responsible for a dog misbehaving unless I was in direct charge of the dog whose fault it was – that being understood as the dog that started an episode. If another dog runs up to the training/leashed dog, the training/leashed dog will not be considered as at fault if a situation was to arise.

§6: The dog should be a minimum of 10 weeks old unless otherwise specified. 1st round of vaccinations have to be done, and 2nd round need to be planned and followed as scheduled or advised by vet. 

Both tricks and dog parkour can be adjusted to fit any age of any dog, but it is important that you let me know the age of the dog before your first session if it is less than 18 months old. 

§7: Bitches that are in heat are still very welcome to come to classes. Just let me know beforehand and please wear a ribbon on your dog’s leash so others in the class can be aware as well. Please be aware not to stand too close to others in this case to minimise the level of distraction for the other dogs in the class. 

Section 3 – Cancellations

§1: Please do let me know if you are prevented from attending class at least 1 hour before the start of class. I fully understand if life sometimes gets in the way, but please just let me know so I don’t end up waiting for a class that never shows up. Classes you cannot attend will not be refunded.

§2: Classes are not cancelled due to rain or cold. Classes will ONLY be cancelled due to weather conditions if there is a storm, thunder, or other potentially dangerous weather condition. If it is cold, please dress warm! Most dogs forget about the rain anyway as soon as they start training if the owner can pretend that the rain is not bothering him/her. Remember, dogs pick up behaviours from us – so if you think your dog does not like rain, you are most likely projecting your own dislike of rain onto your dog. Of course, some dogs might actually not like rain, but even then most of them tend to forget about it if they first start training.

§3: If I have to cancel a class or an event, I will usually let you know the day before, but no later than at least two hours before the start of the event/session. In this case, the event or class will be rescheduled and refunds offered to those who cannot attend at the new date.

Section 4 – Training props

§1: You are expected to buy your own training props and bring them along to class. I will also usually have a few items that can be borrowed in class, but if you do not have your own, you will not be able to train at home, and your dog will then not become better.

§2: If some of the props I have brought to class are broken by a dog in class to such an extent that I deem them unusable, unsafe or reduced significantly in value, it is up to the owner of said dog to replace the items. The replaced items should be of equal value to the ones that were broken both in terms of money and endurance. If you do not wish to take on this responsibility, please do always bring your own props so you do not have to borrow. 

Updated per 28th February, 2019

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