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Dogdancing (Heelwork To Music / Canine Musical Freestyle) and impressive dog tricks

Do you too admire all the fantastic dogdancing routines performed at Crufts every year?
Do you also admire the team-work that is so clearly visible at those performances?
Have you ever dreamt about becoming good enough to make your own routine and develop a strong bond between you and your dog?

-Then read on!

Dreams CAN come true!
And I can tell you this for certain because through tricks training I managed to win all the dog showcases at Funen’s agricultural show in Denmark several years in a row. When Aske, my dog, was only a few months old we performed for the Danish Championships in dog training with a few other young people. We were invited back a few years later as well. We have also been in the papers on numerous occasions showing off our tricks and our teamwork.
-So whether you dream about making your own dog dancing routine or just develop a powerful bond between you and your dog – we can help you!

Become a true teamplayer to your dog!

So what is heelwork to music / dogdancing?

Heelwork to music is a fun dog sport which shows off the teamwork between a dog and its handler in a routine of different tricks and heelwork positions to a piece of music. There are two different disciplines in dog dancing with different criteria:

  • Heelwork to music (HTM) – in this discipline there is focus on the 10 (in some countries only 8) different heelwork positions and how each of these positions have been smoothly linked together to create a stunning performance to a piece of music. In this discipline the dog is often very close to the handler throughout most of the routine, and the contact between dog and handler is always very impressive!
  • Freestyle (also known as Canine Musical Freestyle) – this discipline also shows great contact and teamwork between dog and handler, but focuses more on different kinds of tricks put smoothly together in a routine instead of heelwork. This allows the dog to perform impressive things at greater distances. This is often where you are introduced to dogs running in big circles around their handler, running backwards away from the handler across the entire stage or performing many different kinds of magnificent jumps. Freestyle routines often also include more props than heelwork routines, however, this is not always the case.



The wonders about tricks training

Not only is tricks training super fun for both dogs and owners, but it is also a great way to mentally stimulate your dog. Tricks training invites the dog to think on its own while being carefully guided by its owner. Having the dog use its head to figure out how to please you takes a lot of energy but also builds a huge self-esteem in the dog as well as physical self-awareness. Many anxieties can be reduced or sometimes completely overcome through active training of tricks just a few minutes a day.

When the dog discovers just how fun and exciting it can be to have focus on you, it can completely forget its surroundings, and with a slow and gradual approach it can make the dog ignore many of the things that would otherwise scare it.

Most importantly of all the reasons,
You get a dog that completely trusts you and will do anything for you. Before long, you will have a dog that comes to you and offers many different kinds of behaviours (tricks) to get your attention and to get you to train with it. Being able to really understand each other is a gift that only comes through positive experiences together and THAT is true teamwork!


Our classes

At 4-Paws Canine Academy we offer both beginner and advanced classes in dogdancing (heelwork to music / canine musical freestyle). All our classes have a basic training plan which is then customised to fit each individual dog in the class. We do this to ensure that everyone gains as much as possible from it.

Our classes are usually located in Westburn Park in Aberdeen and primarily run on Sundays. There will also at times be possible classes on other weekdays, but this is not always offered.

If the times and dates of the classes do not fit your schedule, we do also offer private sessions. Our private sessions are much more intimate and customised specifically to your dog alone and to your time schedule. Read more about them here.

We are also currently working on getting some online courses up and running! In the meantime, feel free to follow us at either Facebook or Instagram or contact us directly by email. We do also occasionally give our followers some free material which you can play around with, with your dog.

Please also feel free to have a look at our terms and conditions listed here!

If you want to become a true teamplayer to your dog, then contact us today!

Anna Louise Kjaer
Dog training instructor
4-Paws Canine Academy

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